Masons Plaster Systems

Masons Plaster Systems

Southtile Christchurch are the Canterbury agent for Masons Plaster Systems.

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Bagged Brick

Bagging plaster is an economical way to provide an attractive rustic feel to the exterior of any masonry clad building without completely concealing the nature of the underlying substrate’s character.

This is ideal for applying to new or old brick, concrete block, or other vertical concrete surfaces. The final texture depends on your chosen bagging mix.

Enviro AAC Cladding Panel

Aerated concrete panel for plaster systems. This cladding panel comes in 20mm, 45mm, and 75mm panels. Perfect for exterior wall cladding, fencing, and the 75mm block can be used as a flooring solution in multi-storey constructions.

Enviro™ AAC Panel System is a plaster system where the performance is guaranteed comes with a 15 year system warranty. It is a solid, lightweight, aerated concrete substrate


Polystyrene block system. A cost-effective way to insulate masonry homes, giving 5 times the R-Value of a comparably priced insulating plaster solution.

PlastaBlock will provide an R-Value of 1.0, compared with 20 mm of insulating plaster which provides am R-Value of only 0.2.


Brick and block masonry system. This masonry render system is perfect for smoothing and texturing brick or block.

PlastaBrick provides a hard durable surface which when painted is waterproof and easier to maintain than a standard painted wall. A wide range of finishes can be achieved, which makes this product ideal for modernizing existing older brick or concrete block houses.


Tilt panel system. The masonry render system of choice when smoothing and texturing off form concrete. 

PlastaSlab provides a hard, durable surface. When painted it is waterproof and easier to maintain than a standard painted wall.


Monotek sheet system. This fibre cement sheet jointing and coating system is specifically designed for Monotek cladding. It provides a very strong double meshed joint and thick flat plastered walls with an attractive durable textured finish.


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