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Southtile Ltd are agents for New Zealand’s leading brick manufacturers

We can organize the bricks and the freight for your next project. Southtile have good pricing from the major brick manufactures and can offer competitive quotes and prices. Contact Southtile for your brick requirements on your next build.

Bricks come in a variety of colours, heights, and textures, and it’s important to consider how your choice of brick will look and perform in the finished building. Choosing a brick is an important part of designing the look and feel of your new home or building project.

Southtile Ltd stock a wide range of bricks from our local leading brick manufacturers and importers, including The Brickery, Canterbury Clay Bricks, and Midland Bricks. Click through to each supplier’s website to see their range of bricks, and access their product brochures and datasheets.


The Brickery

Distributors of Austral and Monier Bricks to New Zealand, from around the world. While many know that brick is a timeless, authentic and beautiful building material, not everyone knows just how advanced the brick industry is in sustainability and green building design.

Canterbury Clay Bricks

The Canterbury Clay Bricks manufacturing plant is located close to its clay supplies within the surrounding hills of Darfield. They use a number of recycled products in the manufacture of their bricks including re-constituted brick and recycled glass. The kilns at the Canterbury Clay Bricks plant run on up to 95% of re-claimed fuels and oil further reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing.

Midland Brick NZ

Midland Bricks New Zealand have been supplying New Zealand families with quality clay bricks for their homes since 1995 when Brent Whalan began importing clay bricks from Midland Brick in Australia. Their philosophy is superior products and quality service.


Southtile Brick Showroom is located at 237 Annex Rd, (Corner of Annex Rd and Nazareth Ave).


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