Retrofit Insulation

Retrofit Insulation and Rental Homes

Retrofitting insulation into existing homes and rental properties.

A well-insulated home is warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and helps keep your energy costs down. But many older New Zealand houses have little or no adequate insulation, making them hard to heat, uncomfortable to live in, and potentially unhealthy.

Topping up your ceiling insulation is an important first step. Having a thick layer of ceiling insulation creates a resistance to your rising warm air like damming a creek. All insulation comes with a thermal rating or R value, this just means the thermal resistance of the insulation product. Higher the R value generally means better the insulation product. If your house is over twenty years old topping up the insulation could be worth doing.

If there is access and the house has enclosed perimeter , it is recommended to install underfloor insulation and a ground vapour barrier (moisture barrier). Even if it looks dry underfloor installing a vapour barrier is still recommended, as this is a common way for dampness and mold to enter the home. Fungi and mold can lead to a lot of health issues its important to take steps to mitigate. Installing underfloor insulation and moisture barrier will help with the overall comfort to you and your family.

Learn more about insulation and rental properties in New Zealand here.

If you own a rental property the government as set regulations and minimum standards for insulation, contact Southtile insulation we can guild you through the requirements for healthy homes rental property standards.

Southtile will work with you to assess your property’s insulation needs, help you select the right solution for your home, and install it to a high standard. fill out the form below for no hassle free assessment with Southtile insulation.


Choose the best type of insulation for your situation: underfloor, ground moisture barrier, and ceiling insulation.

Southtile uses high-quality insulation products from reputable suppliers to solve your retrofitting insulation problems.

We work with the following brands to make your home or rental property warm, dry, and compliant with the relevant legislation:

Autex Insulation, Eliment insulation, Earthwool Glasswool insulation, Mammoth Insulation & Pink Batts


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