Specailised In all forms of insulation

New Build

We offer Premier Insulation in the walls,  Premier Insulation is a Yellow fibre glass  insulation product  BRANZ approved 509.
We can offer what ever product you require R2.6 - R2.8 to the 90mm frame and R3.2,  3.6,  and R4.0 for the 140mm wall.

We offer Premier Insulation in the ceiling,  Premier Insulation Branz Approved   509.
We can install R3.6,  R4.0 and R5.0 in a truss ceiling  we can even do a double layer of insulation.

Acoustic insulation is a good way to muffle the sound between bedrooms and bathrooms.

We use Autex Greentsuf a polyester product made in New Zealand.  Greenstuf is made of 50% recyled plastic. Greenstuf gets pushed up between the joists and stapled in place.
Mammoth underfloor insulation

Ground Vapour Barrier
If the ground is exposed in the subfloor,  we would reccomend a ground vapour barrier which is black plastic pegged down and taped around the piles. The vapour barrier reduces moisture in the home.

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Retro Homes

If you have  access to the subfloor and or ceiling we can install insulation for you.
Your ceiling insulation should be at least 100mm thick,  with no gaps or tucks.
We can take away  the hassle with a free assessment.

We can top up the ceiling insulation,  40% of the homes heat loss comes from the ceiling.
What ever insulation you have existing we can go right over the top.

If you have at least 450mm in your underfloor space we can get under their and fit insulation.
We install Autex Greenstuf which gets pushed up between the joists and stapled in place.

Ground Vapour Barrier
A ground vapour barrier reduces moisture and mould in the home,  a dry home is easier to heat and to keep warm in the winter.

If you are having repairs or renovating we can fit insulation into your homes walls.
we can fit building wrap in if needed as well.

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Southtile offer insulation install to all types of buildings from small shop fit outs to hotels and supermarkets.
We offer all types of insulation and can fit foil and mesh if needed.

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