Refractory & Firebricks

Refractory Products and Firebricks

Southtile stocks a wide range of refractory bricks and products, also known as thermal bricks and firebricks.

Refractory bricks, or firebricks are used in situations with exposure to high heat. They are important safety and thermal mass components of wood-burners and coal-fired burners. Refractory products are also used for construction and maintenance of furnaces, kilns and other high-temperature applications.

If you're building or installing an outside barbecue area or a wood-fired pizza oven, then high quality fire bricks and fire cement are essential. All rely on refractory bricks and cement, as do traditional fireplaces and chimneys.

Buy refractory and firebricks online

Southtile supplies high-performing, imported firebricks which are available in a variety of sizes. Take a look at the extensive range below and contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for – we will track it down and order it in for you.