Lintel Bars

Lintel Bars

Southtile stock brick lintel bars and shelf angles for both brick veneer and solid brick construction.  Scroll down to order today.

Southtile always carry 80 x 80 galvanised lintels and 100 x 100 galvanised lintels in stock. Other sizes can easily be sourced through their supplier to meet your needs.

Lintel bars

A brick lintel bar is designed to support the weight of bricks above windows and doorways.

When the gap the lintel is supporting is less than two metres, the lintel bar needs to overhang the gap by 100mm each side. When the gap is over two metres there needs to be a 200mm overhang on each side.

There are different lintel bars for brick veneer construction, versus solid masonry or double brick construction.

Contact Southtile to have a chat about which lintel you need.

Shelf Angle

In brick veneer construction, a shelf angle may be required in place of a lintel bar. Please consult Southtile about your construction requirements.

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