Plumb BOB 16oz GST INC

Plumb BOB 16oz GST INC

SWANSON 16oz Brass Plumb Bob

Barcode: 038987012167

Swanson offers precision accurate, premium brass plumb bobs that boast solid spun brass construction, ensuring both weight and durability. These plumb bobs are equipped with a pointed tip and suspended by a string, allowing for the establishment of straight vertical line

  • Constructed of solid spun brass for heft and durability.

  • Used for establishing a straight verticle line.

  • Hardened steel tip for reliable accuracy.

  • Through hole in the steel tip for easy tightening.

  • Screw top design simplifies attaching string to center of plumb.

  • Included 20ft (6.09m) long string.

  • Includes 2 replacement tips.


  • Length: 147mm

  • Diameter: 38mm

  • Material: Brass

  • String Length: 6.09m (20ft)

  • Weight: 16oz (454g)